BIOS Configuration for HP ProtectTools

BIOS Configuration for HP ProtectTools 4.0

Windows based BIOS configuration utility using HP ProtectTools
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This utility is the HP BIOS Configuration for ProtectTools Utility for the supported notebook/desktop models and operating systems.
It provides access to BIOS configuration and security through the more comfortable Microsoft Windows. All the options available in the System BIOS is presented to the user in a GUI form, unlike the usual TUI mode available to configure BIOS.
The utility allows the user to view and control sytem settings for all the BIOS options like System Information, Boot Options, Device Options and Security.
The program is installed and available as 'ProtectTools Security Manager' in the Control Panel of Windows or also in the Programs List. (PTHost.exe).

The BIOS configuration can be categorised as :

1) File Options details the system configuration such as the system serial numbers, processor settings, cache, memory and other i/o devices present.
This information is displayed form the ROM-BIOS and is not editable.

1) The System Configuration options available are
Port Options has Enable or Disable Serial, Paralell, Flash Reader, USB, 1394 and cardbus slots.
Boot Options allow setting of F10 & F12 keys for delayed start, Multiboot configurations
Detailed Device and Built-in-device configurations.

2) The Security Configuration options available are
Configure Passwords for boot/system and edit ownership and asset tags

The user needs to have full administrator permissions to use this utility.

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  • System BIOS can be accessed from Windows and the user can re-start the computer as per convineicne


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